Hello Bear: Watercolor 11"x15 Order a Print

Bear Hill: 10x10 Original Watercolor: SOLD

Pumpkin Spice: 11x15, Watercolor Order a Print

Cardinal Pilot: Watercolor, 5x6: $65 Purchase Original

Don't Moose With Me: Watercolor, 7x5 Order a Print

Fox Hill: 10x10 Original Watercolor $250

Mushroom Pancakes: 12x18, Watercolor: $300, Message to claim

Black-capped Chickadee, Stacked Berries
12x18, Watercolor

Mouse and Crocus: Original Watercolor, 5x6: SOLD

Bunny Family Commission, 8x8 Original Watercolor

Three Blue Birds: 12x18, Watercolor

Pilot Bird, Tuffed Titmouse 12x18, Watercolor: $250