Branding Design and Development

The Challenge

Design a branding campaign that married well with Liberty Travel’s new brand narrative; that a person-to-person relationship can plan a better vacation than a computer algorithm.

The Solution

While employed with FCUSA, the parent company of Liberty Travel, I was one of the lead designers that developed the visual look of Liberty Travel's re-brand. It was an exciting team effort!  The branding showcases the 5 senses and a Liberty Travel 6th sense, ‘You Need To Try This’ intuition. For print pieces, we decided to introduce the voice and experience of Liberty's amazing customers accompanied by the travel agent that planned their perfect vacation. Liberty travel agents are travel experts and love planning a clients perfect vacation, the tone is friendly and conversational "You need to see this." The red locator point’ at the end of the sentence emphasizes the statement, “YOU NEED TO SEE THIS”. The locator point is dropped down so that the circle acts as the period at the end of the sentence.  We introduced a pop of red in every photo, as within Liberty Travel’s branding the red represents Liberty Travel's commitment to be with you every step of the travel process.

We ensured the branding looked great across all mediums: print, web, and video.

This branding was introduced in the spring of 2016 and I am still proud of my work when I see Liberty billboards and videos using this branding.